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Pickleball for One and All

If you cross a tennis court with a ping pong table and what do you get? A Pickleball court of course. I recently learned about this new racket sport and I feel obligated to share it with you. Let it be known, if there was ever an opportunity to become CEO of Pickleball USA, I would apply tomorrow. Where do I send my resume because I am ready to apply for the title I just made up. I am absolutely passionate about this sport. You know the saying about older people being wise? Listen up, because I think they’re on to something. Pickleball is a sport being found more and more across the United States. I discovered it while visiting an active retirement community. I do not know why every community park doesn’t convert one or two tennis courts to Pickleball courts. The best part about the game is that is allows people of all ages to play together, on an even field. I personally witnessed three generations from one family — from kids aged nine and 11 to retirees in their mid 60’s playing and laughing together. Where also can you actively do this with everyone at the same skill level AND get decent exercise at the same time?



Pickleball dates back to the 1960’s when, according to Pickleball Central, it was created during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, just outside of Seattle, Washington. The game actually was created by three men – U.S. Congressman Joel Pritchard, William Bell, and Barney McCallum and the goal was to have a sport for the entire family. So why the funny name? One family owned a dog named Pickles and it would chase after the wiffle balls used in the game.

If anyone at the Orange County Great Park Corporation is listening and wants great ideas for the developing California park, hire me now to run Pickleball. I’m ready.

Here are a few things more you should know about Pickleball.

* The playing surface is the same you play as an outdoor tennis court.

* You can develop four Pickleball courts on one existing tennis court.

* While you do not run as far as you would playing tennis, I can personally attest you still get a great workout.

* A court is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long.

If you would like to see a new story about the emerging sport, Good Morning America ran this feature on it ABC Story on Pickleball

I have also included a few slides from a recent trek to play Pickleball. This shows you court size, as well as racket sizes.

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